Pure Papaya Ointment

PURE Papaya Ointment


PURE Papaya Ointment was developed as a natural, petrochemical-free ointment that is safe and effective for topical use. Whilst bases like petrolatum give a sensation of moisture retention they also act as a barrier that can slow the healing process and retain heat. Phytocare’s PURE Papaya Ointment works to soothe, moisturise and protect dry, cracked or irritated skin whilst promoting skin elasticity. It is safe to use on sensitive areas including dry or sunburned lips.

The active ingredients in this ointment are Carica papaya, Calendula officinalis and Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter)Fermented Carica papaya fruit was selected as it soothes skin and promotes wound healing. Young, green Papaya fruit are used due to their high papain content.  The fruit is fermented using a slow drying micronisation; this fermentation process results in the cultivation of high levels of Vitamin C and proteolytic enzymes, as well as the growth of stable probiotic strains that assist in returning the skin to its normal acid mantle.

Traditionally, Papaya has been used to assist in the elimination of necrotic tissue and promoting the formation of granulation tissue. Studies have shown it can increase the rate of collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts (max 8% at 50mg/ml). Empirical data on the use of Papaya topically dates back over 100 years. Recent studies are providing further evidence of the wound healing benefits of Carica papaya. A recent study conducted in Perth illustrated the benefit of using Papaya in combination with Peach to heal stage II-IV pressure ulcers.

 For professional use only; not to be distributed.

Eleven patients in a quadriplegic centre participated in the study. All 11 patients had pressure ulcers that had been present for up to 2 years. All eleven showed a significant visible improvement within 48 hours and made a full recovery within 2 and 14 weeks. Please see the table below:


Location Time ulcer existed Time to first Improvement Complete Heal
Buttock 2 months 24 hours 6 days
Ankle 2 years immediate n/a
Hip 19 months 48 hours 3 weeks


(Wound Practice and research Vol16 No.2 2008)


Calendula officinalis is also an important ingredient in this formula. It was selected for its styptic, antimicrobial, fungistatic and anti-inflammatory properties.  It contains triterpene diols and carotenoids that increase blood flow and oxygen to the affected area. In a case report published in Cases Journal, authors describe a recurrent case of exfoliative chelitis that responded to treatment with standardised topical Caledndula officinalis. An 18 year old man was referred to Sao Paolo State University Dental School to investigate a chronic dry scaling lesion on his lips. Corticoid therapy was suspended and calendula ointment was prescribed. The results presented allow the authors to consider Calendula officinalis as a potential therapy in such conditions. (Cases Journal. 2009, Nov 23;2:9077)


Shea Butter was selected as a base for this formulation as it has anti-inflammatory properties and is easily absorbed into the skin.  The anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter have been attributed to the triterpene alcohols including lupeol and alpha/beta amyrin present in significant quantities in shea butter. Shea butter’s structural similarity to the lipid matrix and the presence of lipophilic actives such as tocopherols and sterol esters provide the potential to penetrate the upper skin surface by diffusion within the lamellar structures in the intercellular region of the Stratum Corneum.


This product is a natural, petrochemical free ointment that contains only quality ingredients. It is formulated and made in Australia and suitable for the whole family.


For professional use only; not to be distributed.

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